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Hibiscus IPA | Tale 6

Hibiscus IPA | Tale 6

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With this IPA (India Pale Ale), we introduce another historical beer style in our Tale range.

250 years ago, English sailships took along beer on their long journeys to India. As regular beers expired very quickly, brewers learnt that higher alcohol levels and high levels of hops (containing anti-oxidants) helped preserve the beer longer.

That’s why every India Pale Ale beer is very hoppy and bitter. Just like ours!

Tale 6 or Red Tale is top-fermented, bitter and has a red colour, created by the mix of malts we use while brewing and infusion with hibiscus.

It tastes very hoppy, as it contains no less than 5 different types of hops: bitter hops and 3 types of aroma hops added during the boiling process as well as dry hopping after the boiling process.

  • 6% Alcohol by volume 
  • 94% Alcohol-free
  • 100% Natural


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