The Untold Tale of Tale Brewery

Get ready to discover the Story Behind Tale! At Tale Brewery, we have a story that's as rich and diverse as the flavours in our craft beers. It's a tale of two close friends, Koen De Grave and Kristof Henot, whose passion for brewing and a deep connection to Ghana gave birth to a dream that became our reality.

Our Founders

A Belgian Duo with a Love for Ghana

A Childhood Dream Takes Root

Koen harboured a childhood dream of owning a brewery and crafting exceptional beers. About 12 years ago, he took a significant step toward that dream by purchasing the piece of land where Tale Brewery now stands. However, economic circumstances in Ghana at the time led to the idea being put on hold temporarily.

Bridging the Gap

The Birth of Primium's

A Serendipitous Reunion

Fast forward to September 2019, when Kristof had just completed a freelance job and reconnected with Koen. Koen suggested that it might be the perfect time to revisit the brewery business plan. Both founders were unwavering in their commitment to bringing special beers to Ghana.

Kristof embarked on a journey that included attending trade fairs, establishing vital contacts in Europe, and completing a brewing course in Ghent, Belgium. This marked the revival of the dream.

Brewing a Dream

Tale Brewery is Born

Why Ghana?

A Deeper Connection

Our Vision

Crafting the Future of Ghanaian Beer