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Have questions about tale? Here's a collection of answers to the frequently asked questions we receive about our beers and about us. Have any more questions? Get in touch with us any time!

The tale of our logo

What does our tale logo symbolize?

ABV Explained

Why are Tale beers numbered?

Iconic African Flavours

What inspired our tale beers?

Our craft beers are infused with local ingredients that pay tribute to iconic Ghanian flavours including:

The Complete Tale Collection

Tale 6-Packs

A celebration of flavour, featuring six meticulously crafted bottles of our finest brews, designed to deliver a lingering taste journey that tells a story with every sip.

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Tale Cartons

This carefully crafted collection of our finest brews is for aficionados who crave more than just a six-pack - thoughtfully packaged to inspire and delight from start to finish.

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Tale Glasses

Expertly crafted to elevate your beer-drinking experience, adding a touch of sophistication to every sip.

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Tale Crate

Crafted from 100% recycled plastics using IML labelling tech, our sustainable, eco-friendly Tale crates are made to suit our distinctive bottles and make storage a breeze.

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Tale Coasters

A functional and stylish way to keep your surfaces safe while adding a touch of Tale identity to celebratory moments.

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Tale Bar Mat

A reusable Tale Bar Mat, offering a combination of utility and branding that enhances the aesthetics of your bar.

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Tale Keg

These 20L slimline stainless steel kegs (239mm diameter) come fitted with a user-friendly A-type head. Venues with different couplers can use optional A-type couplers for seamless integration.

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Tale Tap

A professional outlet solution with a 4-keg dispensing system and dual taps, accommodating your choice of 2 Tales, each keg with a fresh beer line.

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Tale Airbar

The Tale Airbar is a mobile marvel that captivates guests on flights or on the ground. Chill one keg and enjoy power-free convenience.

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Tale Gift Box

The perfect gift for any occasion - a special pack containing our full range of 4 Tale beers and our official Tale glass. Also makes a great sampler pack for beer lovers who want to discover the entire range.

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Get into character with our tale merchandise collection! From accessories for your bar to comfy gear for you, we're constantly creating new tale favourites that tell your story!

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& more!

We're always brewing something at Tale! But if you have any ideas, then get in touch with the tale team anytime as we would love to collaborate with our fellow storytellers!

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