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Welcome to Tale Brewing, a pioneering force at the heart of West Africa's brewing industry.

With centuries of brewing history as our foundation, we embarked on a journey to bring innovation and excellence to our region. To achieve this, we sought inspiration from the brewing mecca of Belgium, importing cutting-edge technology that has redefined the standards of craft beer production.

At Tale Brewing, our commitment to quality is unwavering, and our passion for crafting exceptional brews is evident in every sip. All our brewery equipment, meticulously sourced from Belgium and Italy, plays a pivotal role in our ability to create brews with a crisper and smoother taste. We are proud to be one of the few independent and privately owned breweries in West Africa, and our story began with the brewing of our first batch in April 2022.

This was followed by the exciting launch of our craft beers in Ghana in July of the same year. Our journey has been made possible by the incredible network of suppliers, including Coenco, Clayton Steam, Lambrechts, Meura, GEA, Cime Careddu, and Pietribiasi, whose dedication and support have helped us achieve the highest level of brewing excellence. Join us in experiencing the rich heritage and innovation that define Tale Brewing.

Fermentation Process

Every tale is a top-fermented ale.

All our beers are made from 100% natural ingredients

without the addition of any additives, colourants, conservatives or sugars.

More than 70% locally produced raw materials. Local ingredients used to make our unique flavours are either grown at the brewery or on surrounding farms.

These natural resources are used for the experimentation and fusion of local culture with Belgian-style beer.

Tale craft beers are produced using a combination of Ghanaian-grown rice, maize, and Belgian Barley Malt. Our Brewery also uses other grains such as sorghum, millet, and several others.

The Nsawam region is home to the highest-quality water in Ghana, resulting in little need for changes to the water.

Being located in a tropical region allows our brewery easy access to the many fruits and 100% organic ingredients offered by Ghana.

In fact, our brewery is built on an old mango plantation. Many of the mangoes are enjoyed by our team members and employees of the brewery.

The main parts of tale


Everyone at Specialty Beers has (at least) two things in common: a passion for Africa and a passion for the craft of beer-making.


Having been at the centre of the brewing industry for centuries, it’s easy to understand why we turned to Belgium in search of the best brewing equipment and technology.


Passion combined with know-how creates a powerful force. But power is nothing without control.Control is provided by our Head Brew Master, who excels in the craft of brewing as no other. At Specialty Beers, we use science to overcome challenges in our search for the perfect beer.

Raw Materials

Brewing in Ghana invites us to do things differently. Apart from water, malt, and hops, we add locally grown rice and maize as cereal bases to our mash and use local botanicals alongside hops to create unique taste and aroma profiles.

Contract Production

We're not just crafting our own exceptional brews; Tale Brewing by Specialty Beers is also the brains behind renowned beer brands and has a top-tier team that can do it all for you too.

Whether we're tailor-making recipes to your needs, brewing your next batch, or completing the entire packaging process; our team creates brews that embody your story and vision. Need a production partner? From private labels to corporate giants, we offer the following contract services to all in our industry:

Customised Recipe Development

Our brewing team excels at tailoring recipes to your needs. Classic or innovative, we create brews that embody your vision.

Seamless Contract Production

Need a production partner? We offer contract services to all in our industry - from private labels to corporate giants.

Brand Development & Expert Packaging

Our team excels at creating and producing new and existing beer brands as well as completing the entire packaging process.

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