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Farmhouse Ale | Tale 5

Farmhouse Ale | Tale 5

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Inspired by ‘Saison’ style beers, Farmhouse Ale originates from the Belgian province of Hainaut. In the quiet time of winter season, farmers brewed beer from the left-over cereals as a perfect treat for the farm workers during harvest season. The name ‘Saison’ finds its origin in that tradition.

Tale 5 or Green Tale is brewed at the Farmhouse Brewery located on a former mango plantation, making it an authentic farmhouse ale. Its green label is an ode to all farmers, without whom there would be no food or no beer!

Our Farmhouse Ale is a well-fermented beer requiring a very special yeast. Thirst-quenching and rather hoppy, its citrussy aroma is unparalleled due to the addition of farm-grown lemongrass and lime leaves into the boil. Expect the unexpected.

  • 5% Alcohol by volume 
  • 95% Alcohol-free 
  • 100% Natural


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