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Cocoa Stout | Tale 8

Cocoa Stout | Tale 8

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Stout beers are a variety of Porter, which were first brewed in London around 1730. Porter beers were always dark and the name refers to its popularity with street and river porters. It quickly became popular with the working classes. Porter was the first beer style that conquered the world by the end of the 18th century. Somewhere along the line, porter drinkers added the adjective ‘stout’ to Porter when ordering, referring to the strong Porter beer. Eventually, the name Stout became slang for strong dark beer.

The Tale version of this historical beer is extraordinary, as it is the strongest found in the region and the only one in Africa using Ghana cocoa in the brewing process. Adding in rice alongside roasted barley and malt, this top-fermented Cocoa Stout is much more drinkable than typical bitter stouts.

Tale 8 or Black Tale has a surprising aroma and invites you to discover its delicate chocolate and coffee notes followed by a touch of sweet bitterness.

  • 8% Alcohol by volume
  • 92% Alcohol-free
  • 100% Natural



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