Introducing Tale Tap: The True Draft Beer Experience in Ghana

Introducing Tale Tap: The True Draft Beer Experience in Ghana

For a truly perfect experience, draft beer is a must. Unfortunately, typical beer taps require a lot of know-how, maintenance and cleaning in order to serve the perfect beer. Systems that are not properly operated and cleaned turn a high-quality beer into a flat or contaminated beer. In order to avoid that our high-end beer lovers would have such an experience, we introduce our own Tale Tap.

The Tale Tap is a clever yet simple concept assuring bar-staff and consumers alike the best possible draft experience.

"For a truly perfect experience, draft beer is a must"

Instead of a complex cooling system with lots of tubing, the Tale Tap consists out of a fridge-like housing into which the beer kegs are placed and connected with a short single-use beer line to the tap head.

With a Tale Tap, the shelf life extends to one month instead of maximum one week for a conventional draft system.

The single-use beer line is changed with each new keg. Cleaning beer lines is therefore a thing of the past and the beer is guaranteed to be free of contamination.

Another benefit due to the use of short beer lines, is a much lower consumption of CO2 gas.

Specialty Beers offers outlets our standard Tale Tap 25, which can hold up to 4 Tale kegs (2 being used and 2 on standby) and has a double tap head, able to dispense two different Tales at any given time.

The unit further comes with a trip tray and only requires a 5 kg gas bottle, which due to its small size can be placed inside the unit.

Want a Tale Tap at home? Planning a private event in the air or on the ground? Hit the ground running with the Tale Tap Air and enjoy draft Tales anywhere.

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with seven years in the draft beer business it will be a great priviledge to work with you when the opportunity comes


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