Tale Beer Officially Launches in Ghana: The Highlights

Tale Beer Officially Launches in Ghana: The Highlights

Accra, October 22, 2022: Specialty Beers Ghana Limited (SBL), brewers of African craft beer, have introduced a new beer brand – Tale, into the Ghanaian market brewed with locally sourced raw materials.

Tale Beer is made with over 70% un-husked grains. To ensure the clarity of the beer without stripping any flavour or aroma, the Beers are passed through a centrifuge filtration system. The beer range consists of green, yellow, red and black Tales, which is a tribute to the national colours of Ghana.

The company invested in developing these beer recipes with the assistance of a Belgian university using mainly adjuncts such as broken rice, hereby replacing malted barley, which cannot be sourced in Ghana.

Speaking during the launch of Tale Beer, the Managing Director of Specialty Beers Kristof Henot said the quality of Tale Beer and its African richness were crafted with the Ghanaian at heart. "Brewing in Ghana invites us to do things differently. Apart from water, malt, and hops, we add locally grown rice and maize as a cereal base to our mash and use local botanicals alongside hops to create a unique taste and aroma profiles", he added. Our different flavours, such as cocoa, hibiscus flower, lemongrass, ginger or lime leaves, make all our beers from 100% natural ingredients without adding additives, colourants, conservatives or sugars.

We are keen on telling our Ghanaian story through our beers, hence the use of Ghanaian symbols as the Tale logo, which contains an interpretation of the eagle's talon, symbolizing power, strength and unity.

Every Tale has a different colour. "For years, we have relied on imported strong beer. Being local manufacturers, we have chosen to fill this gap and give Ghanaians a choice of beer with great taste that makes for an easy, enjoyable drinking experience," [he added] Tales are tasty African craft ales with a story. The perfect blend of African ingredients and Belgian brewing technology. A high-end selection of unique African craft beers, brewed in Nsawam, Ghana.

On his part, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, said: "This goodwill very much inspires my government and me. We have devoted our tenure in office to supporting local industries through our Industrial Transformational Agenda - One District One Factory Ghana agenda. Through this, we have established over 254 Factories across Ghana, among other impactful projects." "The introduction of Tale Beer in Ghana demonstrates our commitment to usher and help establish businesses in Ghana to support our teaming youth in employment and skill development," he added.

Tale Beer is available in different flavours such as Farmhouse Ale-5% abv, Hibiscus IPA 6% abv, Ginger Triple 7% abv and Cocoa Stout with an alcohol content of 8%. The beer can be bought at selected premium bars, mainstream bars, and shopping malls

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