Four Exciting Ways to Unwind with Tale Beer this Weekend

Four exciting ways to unwind with Tale Beer this weekend Image

Are you ready for a weekend like no other? Imagine unwinding with a cold and crisp Tale Beer in hand, surrounded by friends and good vibes with the taste of unique and diverse flavours bursting in your mouth, elevating your weekend to new heights. With Tale Beer, your weekends are about to get much more exciting! So, gear up and let's discover how to make your weekends unforgettable with the incredible flavours of Tale Beer;

Host a Tasting Party

  • Invite your friends over and make a night of trying out different Tale Beer flavours. Create a flight of different beers and have fun trying them all, comparing notes and determining your favourite. Pair your beers with snacks like cheese, fruit, and nuts to enhance the flavours even more.

Visit the Brewery

  • Take a day trip to our local Tale Beer brewery and see how the beer is made, learn about the brewing process, and taste the freshest beer straight from the tap. Our brewery has a taproom or tasting room where you can sample the tale numbers and purchase your favourites to take home.

Pair with a Meal

  • Tale Beer is an excellent addition to any meal, from barbecued meats to seafood, or even pizza. Experiment with different food and beer pairings and find your new favourite combination. You can even create a beer-themed dinner party and have each course paired with a different Tale Beer.

Beerflix and Chill 

  • You can enjoy the savoured tastes of crisp flavours with Tale Beer, binge-watch the latest blockbuster movies and series with all the thrills and chills. Don’t forget to dim the lights,  grab some ice packs and snacks to complete the moment.

    No matter how you enjoy your Tale Beer this weekend, make sure to savour the unique flavours and enjoy them responsibly. Have a fun and delicious weekend with Tale Beer!

    Get your preferred Tale number here,  to have the weekend you look forward to. Let us know how it goes…😉

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