Tale Beer Triumphs at African Beer Cup Awards: A Taste of Ghana's Brewing Excellence

Tale Beer Triumphs at African Beer Cup Awards: A Taste of Ghana's Brewing Excellence

In a remarkable display of brewing mastery, Tale Beer has emerged victorious at the highly regarded African Beer Cup held in Cape Town, South Africa. Within just a year of its launch, Tale Beer has captured the hearts of beer enthusiasts and garnered three prestigious awards, marking an extraordinary achievement for Ghana's brewing industry. Let's delve into the flavoursome tale behind this remarkable success.

Unveiling Ghana's Pride: Tale Beer, the first Ghanaian beer to ever claim an award at the African Beer Cup, has truly made its mark. With a commitment to utilizing locally sourced raw materials, Tale Beer showcases Ghana's rich cultural heritage with pride. The beer's distinctive range consists of the Farmhouse Ale (Tale 5 - Green), Hibiscus IPA (Tale 6 - Red), Ginger Triple (Tale 7 - Yellow), and Cocoa Stout (Tale 8 - Black), paying homage to the vibrant national colours of Ghana.

Savouring Excellence:

At the African Beer Cup, Tale Beer's exceptional flavours were duly recognised. The Farmhouse Ale secured the coveted Gold medal, while the Ginger Triple captured the Silver medal, and the Cocoa Stout claimed the Bronze. This outstanding achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the team behind Tale Beer.

A Commitment to Quality:

Specialty Beers Ghana Limited (SBGL), the brewers of Tale Beer, expressed their gratitude and pride in receiving these prestigious awards. Kristof Henot, the Managing Director of SBGL, emphasised their unwavering commitment to crafting beers that not only tantalize taste buds but also reflect Ghana's cultural heritage. Henot's words echoed the team's passion for innovation and their relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries within the African beer industry.

A True Taste of Africa:

Tale Beer represents a selection of exquisite African craft beers, proudly brewed in Nsawam, Ghana. The recent triumph at the African Beer Cup serves as validation of the company's unwavering dedication to creating high-quality brews that resonate with consumers across Ghana and beyond. As SBGL continues to soar, it solidifies its position as one of the premier craft beer brands on the African continent.

Brewing with Tradition and Innovation:

SBGL's journey towards excellence began with an investment in recipe development, leveraging the expertise of a Belgian university. By utilizing local adjuncts such as broken rice instead of imported malted barley, Tale Beer embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. This approach not only enriches the local economy but also highlights the diversity and potential of Ghana's brewing industry.

Celebrating Beer Culture in Africa:

The African Beer Cup, an annual competition that gathers beers from 20 African countries, recently concluded its evaluation process in Cape Town. An esteemed panel of 52 judges hailing from 16 different countries blind-judged 242 entries, focusing on stylistic accuracy and excellence. The awards ceremony, held at the renowned Woodstock Brewery on April 22, served as a grand celebration of Africa's vibrant beer culture.

Tale Beer's triumphant success at the African Beer Cup highlights the incredible strides Ghana's brewing industry has made in a short span of time. The recognition received by Tale Beer is a testament to its distinct flavors, dedication to quality, and commitment to showcasing Ghana's cultural heritage. As Tale Beer continues to captivate the taste buds of beer connoisseurs, it ushers in a new era of excellence and innovation within Africa's craft beer scene. With each sip, beer lovers can savor the vibrant story of Ghana, bottled with care and delivered to their eager hands.

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